We're always looking to expand the network of contractors, agents and suppliers that we partner with. 

Contractors: We will provide you a detailed scope of work, prompt payment, and the opportunity to grow your business as we grow ours.  Plus, you can benefit from access to our large network of investors.  

Agents: We are always looking for new multi-family and single family purchases.  Whether a small amount of cosmetic work or a complete tear down is needed on your listing, we are always interested when there is value to be added.  The more distressed, the better!  


INVEST WITH tri homes today

Real estate can be a powerful way to diversify your investment portfolio. Many of our projects are funded by private investors looking for strategic alternatives to complement their stock market investments. Throughout each project you invest in with Tri Homes Today, you can expect to remain fully informed each step of the way. Visit the Contact us page to learn more about our current opportunities. 

*Real estate investments have an inherent degree of risk. Click here for our full disclaimer.